Global Dental Hub

Xtcera USA offers sales and after service technology support for XTcera headquartered in China for its products of dental milling machines and zirconia / titanium pucks. And with multiple high capacity lab production facilities based in China, we also making full lines of dentures for lab out-sourcing from the world globally, especially USA and EU labs and dental clinics as well.


Makes zirconia pucks supplying dental labs globally

Series of dental zirconia pucks

Makes CNC dental milling machines supplying dental labs globally

Series of dental milling machines

Makes full lines of dentures in-house for USA and EU labs' out-sourcing cases.

A case of All-on-4 full arch implant denture

XTcera USA Dental Solutions

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Address: 1200 Wing St., Atlanta GA 30350, USA

Phone: (470) 546 3281