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was founded in 2001 and has been a world leading manufacturer of dental Zirconia pucks, Titanium pucks & milling machines, with 20 years of experience in the dental inidustry. It has sold 4500 units of dental milling machines and over 1 million pcs of dental zirconia pucks only in the past fast growing 10 years in the global dental martket. Xtcera has set up a warehouse in Atlanta Georgia USA for better serving USA and the world dental laboratories.

XTcera dental milling machines
CNC Milling Machines

With CE Certificate

There are different models to meet different lab need:

X600, for metal, heavy duty high capacity

X300, for metal, desk top

X500 for non-metal

XTcera Zirconia Pucks
Zirconia Pucks

with FDA approval for dental application

Different specifications to meet varieties of lab need:

3D: white, pre-shaded, mult-layer pre-shaded,

SHT: white, pre-shaded, multi-layer pre-shaded

HT: white, pre-shaded

XTcera USA Dental Solutions

We make your cases better

Address: 1200 Wing St., Atlanta GA 30350, USA

Phone: (470) 546 3281